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The Avalanche technology, provides a complete and flexible Content Management System (CMS), with file manager, file manager, search engine, user manager, news, events, e-commerce, publications, social forum, and more. All systems has multi-language  support and statistic reports (Google Analytics)

Oktala also offers full costumer service support, including backups, version control system,  security, and cloud hosting, in order to guarantee that the website remains online and stable.

  1. Hackatruck


     Programming courses in a truck!

  2. Clínica Synergia

    Clínica Synergia
    Dental care

     Parallax rich website

  3. Aldeia Akatu

    Aldeia Akatu
    Waldorf Pedagogy

    Institutional website of the Aldeia Akatu Association, a school of Waldorf pedagogy

  4. Pororoca MagazinePororoca Magazine

    Pororoca Magazine
    Magazine / Photography

    Digital version of the renowned magazine Pororoca about photography, environment and culture of the Brazilian Amazon.

  5. Camirim Editorial

    Camirim Editorial
    Publishing house

    Publisher specialized in biodiversity, ecosystems, agriculture, environment and science.

  6. Impascience

    Internet Management of Projects & Assistance for Scientific Events

    Corporate website

  7. COSE - Laboratory of Coordination of the Operation of Electrical Energy Systems of UnicampCOSE - Laboratory of Coordination of the Operation of Electrical Energy Systems of Unicamp

    COSE - Laboratory of Coordination of the Operation of Electrical Energy Systems of Unicamp
    Electrical sector

    Interactive Wiki for sharing documents, meetings, discussions and report approvals, for the strategic project between Unicamp and ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency).

  8. Superlogica


    Software development company. Design and HTML+CSS for the website.

  9. Gilheta Amaral

    Gilheta Amaral

    Construction administration and landscaping.

  10. Oikos Institute of Agroecology

    Oikos Institute of Agroecology
    Environmental NGO

    Environmental entity who develops projects in environmental restoration, rural development and nature conservancy, always guided by the Agroecology.

  11. Conservation International - BDRA

    Conservation International - BDRA

    Online contest for environmental journalists in more then 13 countries and 5 languages.
  12. Vilardi Advogados Associados

    Vilardi Advogados Associados


  13. Aliança para a Conservação da Mata AtlânticaAliança para a Conservação da Mata Atlântica

    Aliança para a Conservação da Mata Atlântica

    Website for the management and colaborative publication of content regarding the Ecological Corredors of Brazil.

  14. Viajologia

    Travel Community

    Online test to rate the levels of education in Travelology.

  15. EcobrisaEcobrisa