Oktala believes that the logo of a company's is one of its major assets. Before creating any logo, Oktala does a profound study that takes into account all the symbols, colors, typology  and other elements that best represent its client.

Oktala creates logos with emphasis on the usability and harmony of the visual identity. The logos developed are accompanied by a Visual Identity Manual, which stipulates the various requisites of the logo applications over different backgrounds and establishes limits regarding size reduction, color codes and other important information. 

  1. Cerveja no Copo

    Cerveja no Copo
    Beer Club

    Glass of wheat beer

  2. Interóleos

    Essential Oils

    Volumetric oil connection.

  3. Morada Mondrian

    Morada Mondrian

    Local architecture combined with the style and elegance of the Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian.

  4. Active Performance

    Active Performance
    Nutritional Supplements

    Dynamism, movement and renovation form the initials of the company's name.

  5. Nexxtep

    Marketing and Development

    Entanglement, trust and customer support.

  6. Camirim Editorial

    Camirim Editorial
    Environmental journalism

    Biodiversity of Brazilian flora inserted in a book

  7. Desenrola Brasil

    Desenrola Brasil
    Social Action

    Paper roll unrolling, forming the letter D with the colors of Brazil.

  8. Lionprint

    Toners and cartridges for printers

    Agility and presence

  9. Pet's Place

    Pet's Place
    Pet Shop and Veterinary Clinic

    Initials of the company merged with the silhouettes of a dog and cat

  10. Agrovigna - Sol Levante

    Agrovigna - Sol Levante
    Agricultural production

    Smooth typology, the countryside and the sun rising.

  11. Association of Brazilian Amazon Jungle Hotels

    Association of Brazilian Amazon Jungle Hotels

    Forest (Amazon), bangalos (hosteling), river (tranquility), green-yellow-blue (Brazilian flag)

  12. Odelê


    Hand gestures forming the letter O.

  13. Bioencapsulation Encyclopedia

    Bioencapsulation Encyclopedia

     3D microcapsule with particle in movement.

  14. Paraladosanjos

    Circus and Arts

    Liberty, creativity, "alados". (wings)

  15. Superlogica


    Three different softwares linked by a single visual identity.

  16. Teresa Borsoi

    Teresa Borsoi
    Architecture and Urbanism

    The three spheres of urbanism: City, Neighborhood and Individual.

  17. Gilheta Amaral

    Gilheta Amaral
    Construction Administration and Landscaping

    Stylized initials within the golden rectangle

  18. Qualy Ser

    Qualy Ser
    Fitness and Events

    Dinamics and constant movement. Quality of life with the colors of Brazil.

  19. Euromaz - Centro de Desenvolvimento Euro-Amazone

    Euromaz - Centro de Desenvolvimento Euro-Amazone
    NGO - Sustainable Tourism

    Human integration with nature, represented by the silhuette of people cut out from a leaf.

  20. Ecomercado Avis rara

    Ecomercado Avis rara
    Organic Market

    Spiral of Life. A bird in the negative space.

  21. Real Games

    Real Games
    Lan House

    Modern and directed to a younger public. Makes reference to video game controls.

  22. Global Symposium

    Global Symposium

    Icons of Madagascar: lemur, african child, baobab tree.

  23. Per Amico

    Per Amico
    Coffee Shop

    Hot coffee cup. Contains the letters P and A.

  24. Aliança para a Conservação da Mata Atlântica

    Aliança para a Conservação da Mata Atlântica

    Biodiversity Mosaic

  25. Ferris Fitness

    Ferris Fitness

    Moutains, ocean, hiking, companionship

  26. INEPAD

    Online Financial Analysis

    Stars, growing chart, 3D, internet.

  27. Residencial Camury

    Residencial Camury

    Island, Robalo fishing.

  28. Oikos


    Old tree, planet Earth.

  29. Delta Blues

    Delta Blues
    Bar / nightclub

    Redesign of logo. Modern, flexibility.

  30. Drum Feel

    Drum Feel
    Music School

    Drums beating softly

  31. MAGMA Multimodal

    MAGMA Multimodal

    Strength and agility
  32. Ecobrisa


    Easy application in various medias. Refreshing colors.