Oktala is also specialized in developing online systems, with responsive design for mobile devices, and with advanced functionalities and tailored to each client's needs.

The Avalanche technology provides a framework for developing complex web applications . All systems has multi-language support and statistic reports (Google Analytics)

Oktala also offers full costumer service support, including backups, version control system,  security, and cloud hosting, in order to guarantee that the website remains online and stable.

  1. LINC webappLINC webappLINC webapp

    LINC webapp

    LINC is an open source shared database and facial recognition system that allows researchers and conservationists the ability to monitor lions across broad landscapes.

  2. Solução Inox

    Solução Inox
    ERP System

    ERP System for managing the whole sale process of products for bidding process. Includes capture process, with an internet process import tool, and management of the phases of budget, dispute and product delivery logistics.

  3. ValeValeVale

    Business game

    The People Management Game is a business game for leadership training, with focus on people management. The game is inspired on a steelmaker.

  4. Leadership HR GameLeadership HR Game

    Leadership HR Game
    Business game

    The Leadership HR Game is a business game for leadership training, with focus on human resources. The scenery is an imaginary island, and the player has to manage a network of hotels.

  5. Grupo Camargo CorrêaGrupo Camargo CorrêaGrupo Camargo Corrêa

    Grupo Camargo Corrêa
    Business game

    The Charme Carioca is a business game for leadership training. The scenery is the management of a hotel chain in Rio de Janeiro.

  6. Câmara AdvogadosCâmara Advogados

    Câmara Advogados

    Web ERP system for a law firm, integrated with institucional website. View screenshots of the system.


    Financial Analisys

    Visionarium -  Web system for credit risk management. Includes qualitative and financial analysis, credit process management and report generation.